• My First Blog ~ A Little About Me

“The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.” ~ Frida Kahlo

“It is often said that many artists have always been creative, just like Frida Kahlo. I do know this applies to me, from my parent’s vivid memories of my early creations, aged 3 years old, of tiny home-made pizzas with each topping distinguishable, in proportion and clear. I always gravitated to creative and imaginative projects and this included play at home and lessons at school. When I reached the age of 13, I found two mediums which I still adore to work with to this day: clay and paint.”

Taken in 1995 at one of my first experiences exhibiting my work

“When I moved into my late teens and early 20s, I found painting a solace, with music and emotion impacting on the subject matter, colour palette and how I painted each piece. This way of self-expression has stayed with me; with my university work exploring this is more depth.

My art training has been gained through four educational achievements. Primarily, I developed my work whilst attending school within GCSE and A Level, aged 11-18 years. In 2002, I decided to follow my artistic passion and I began to study for an art degree; something I always thought was a ‘pipe dream’. To be accepted into an art degree I required additional qualifications to GCSE’s and A Levels and I, therefore, decided to study an Art and Design Access Diploma. This qualification covered a wide range of disciplines and enabled me to decide which course I would wish to pursue. The mediums I studied include: fine art (painting, print making, life drawing), art theory, photography and sculpture (ceramic and metal work). In 2003, I was accepted and successfully studied an Art and Media BA (Hons), during which I specialised, both practically and academically, in Fine Art and Photography.”

About my work as a professional artist and designer:

“I am a contemporary, multi-media artist who is passionate about mixed-media painting and creating metal clay designs with genuine gemstones.

I have exhibited my art within the UK since 1995, in group shows, showing both paintings and sculpture. It was in 2002 that I took the step to become a professional artist, propelling my work as an artist to a new level. The final piece of my professional puzzle was achieved when I gained my Art and Media Bachelor of Honours in 2008, specialising in Fine Art and Photography. My artworks are displayed in private collections worldwide and have been exhibited within exciting group and solo exhibitions, memberships and galleries.

It was in July 2013 that a new and exciting step in my career was taken by achieving gallery representation with DegreeArt.com Ltd, based in 12a Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, London, UK. My page is at:


Degree Art Gallery nurtures and supports my work, allowing me to sell original mixed media paintings and metal clay jewellery and sculptures along with offering personalised commissions. Being represented by Degree Art is an exciting step for my career, enabling my work to be viewed by a new audience and group of collectors.

Past exhibitions: From 1995

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All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright

by artist Laura H Elliott BA (Hons), Dip.

View my professional gallery of works at:

View my work quick link @ http://www.lhe-art.co.uk

 Facebook https://www.facebook.com/laurahelliottart

Twitter @laurahelliott

Pintrest https://www.pinterest.com/lauraelliottart/

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