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 “My art training has been gained through four educational achievements. Primarily, I developed my work whilst attending school within GCSE and A Level. In 2002, I decided to follow my artistic passion and I began to study for an art degree; something I always thought was a ‘pipe dream’. To be accepted into an art degree I required additional qualifications to GCSE’s and A Levels and I, therefore, decided to study an Art and Design Access Diploma. This qualification covered a wide range of disciplines and enabled me to decide which course I would wish to pursue. The mediums I studied include: fine art (painting, print making, life drawing), art theory, photography and sculpture (ceramic and metal work). In 2003, I was accepted and successfully studied an Art and Media BA (Hons), during which I specialized, both practically and academically, in Fine Art and Photography.


It is often said that many artists have always been creative. I do know this applies to me; from my parent’s vivid memories of my early creations, aged three years, of tiny home-made pizzas with each topping distinguishable, in proportion and clear. I always gravitated to creative and imaginative projects and this included play at home and lessons at school. When I reached the age of 13, I found two mediums which I still adore to work with to this day: clay and paint.


My mother worked as a hairdresser and would often take me with her to meet the elderly residents in the nursing home where she worked, where I would sit with and talk to for hours. People fascinated me and it was then that I began my lifelong fascination with learning from others by hearing about their lives, learning about whom they were and how they felt. I know that I was never short of something to talk about, which is something I have carried into adulthood. I would say there was two things as a child that I loved to do, be creative and speak with other people.

When I moved into my late teens and early 20s, I found painting a solace, with music and emotion impacting on the subject matter, colour palette and how I painted each piece. This way of self-expression has stayed with me; with my university work exploring this is more depth.


About the earliest phase of her life as a young artist, Laura says, “Freedom of my self-expression is of paramount importance to me and I have significantly created art to express my inner self since being a teenager. I find it very cathartic and this is why I adore every aspect of creativity. The moment of my first painting sale and a commission inspired by sold paintings was an immense buzz, as it showed to me how others enjoyed my work and that has propelled me forward.”


@ IRIS ART MAGAZINE by Khalid Rahman titled:

Laura Elliott’s Art Journey is a Roller-coaster Ride’

I would like to leave you with this perfectly written visual about work as an artist:


All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright

by artist Laura H Elliott BA (Hons), Dip.

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