• Exhibition Focus: The Wonder of ‘Flux 2’ Exhibition at the Royal College of Art

11th – 14th December 2015: FLUX 2 Exhibition, Royal College of Arts, Kensington, London, SW7 2EU, UK (10th & 13th December 2015 Private Views) "Being accepted to exhibit at The Royal College of Art, London was an invigorating experience for my work and passions towards my work. The gallery has been a long term goal... Continue Reading →


• Exhibition Focus: Gallery Fifty Five, Hartley Whitney feat ‘Landscape Gems Collection’

My 2016 'Landscape Gems Collection' was exhibited 2nd February - 5th August 2016 at: Gallery Fifty Five, High St, Hartley Whitney My work exhibited featured a mixture of Fine 999 Silver, Copper and Bronze Metal Clay. Each piece featured a beautiful array of 100% genuine gemstones including: Tanzanite, Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, Sunstone, Labradorite, Neon Apatite,... Continue Reading →

• ‘Laura Elliott’s Art Journey is a Roller-coaster Ride’ -Iris Art Magazine by Khalid Rahman

'Laura Elliott's Art Journey is a Roller-coaster Ride' Iris Art Magazine by Khalid Rahman   Q1: How would you describe yourself, your art, and your achievements in brief?  "My art journey has been akin to a roller coaster ride. Education has been my most significant experiences and achievements within my work, which have guided my... Continue Reading →

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