• How-To: Polish & Remove Tarnish

How-To: Polish & Remove Tarnish 1) Remove chain and bail 2) Remove gemstones and delicate parts within the design 3) Remove Tarnish: Here are 3 of my products I use, some tips on their uses and a few tricks I have learnt for cleaning tarnished silver and other metals: A) Renaissance Micro-crystalline Wax The Renaissance Micro-crystalline... Continue Reading →


• Artwork Focus: A Clock Filled With Meaning

The World of Our Grandpa's Sayings  My work has been created over a 20+ year period and I want to write an 'Artwork Focus' each month to highlight certain pieces of my work to break down why and how the pieces where created.  The first 'Artwork Focus'A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine' by Laura Elliott.... Continue Reading →

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