• Meeting Anthony Green RA – 1995

Rolls Royce by Antony Green RA

Meeting Anthony Green RA in 1995 at his home and studio

Web: http://www.anthonygreen.org.uk

 It was whilst studying for my Art and Design A Level during 1995, my work began to develop and play with perspective, something I carry on to today. My tutor told me about an artist called Anthony Green who is a member of the Royal Academy. His work was new to me and quite a new subject matter. I was 18 and had been to life drawing classes, which I enjoyed, so seeing artwork containing to little to no clothes did not shock me. Anthony Green’s work documented his life, each chapter and event in a visual art diary.

Exhibited at the Royal Academy - The Family by Antony Green RA
Exhibited at the Royal Academy – The Family by Antony Green RA

I was inspired by his ideas, traditional methods yet unconventional style and how he played with perspective. One day I decided to look through a phone book and voila, found his contact details and I called him. I might add that today I wouldn’t do or reccomend this, but aged 18 you do all kinds of things you might do differently 20+ years later. He was charming, patient and to my suprise invited me and my tutor to his home. I was excited and couldn’t wait to go.

Meeting artist Antony Green RA

The day we visited was wonderful. He made us tea and biscuits, guided us around where he worked, how he stored his paintings and his work in progress. The most wonderful aspect was his warmth and passion. Within his home he had work that he had not exhibited, early work and artworks his beloved wife had created. The bridge between their work was clear and the bond they had shone through.

The best part was that he had agreed to allow me to interview him, which took 30 minutes. He had such a special patience for me, aged 18 and very nervous. He was so interesting and his insight was precious. During interview he told me that he was a friend of Beryl Cook, with him stating that every Christmas he received an art card from her. It has been said that those in the art industry frowned on her work and that it had no artistic merit. Anthony was extremely kind and positive about her work and Beryl as a person. He said that she will show them one day and that the art world are foolish to doubt her veracity of her belief as an artist of note.

I remember one of his stories to this day which has stuck with me to this day. He told me about visiting New York to meet the gallery curator to formally organise a solo exhibition. The gallery curator came out of his office and found Anthony Green looking at the current exhibition. Anthony told me that he had been baffled by the art he saw, comprosing of drawing pins and elastic bands wrapped around the corners of the gallery. The curator greeted him and then started to enthusiastically discuss the exhibition. Anthony Green told me that he found the work exhibited such a counter point in comparisson to his work which used traditional oil figurative painting techniques, quite the oxymoron.

The Family by Antony Green RA

I feel that his work has more in common than he said, his painting style may be traditional, but the shape of his work, how he flips or plays with perspective like David Hockney and the truthful depiction of life, naked or not, is unconventional like the ‘drawing pin’ exhibition. I have always found this story informative both and amusing.

I will always be thankful for his kindness, time and generosity.

Antony Green RA
Antony Green RA

About Anthony Green

Medium: Painter

“Anthony Green is an English realist painter and printmaker best known for his paintings of his own middle-class domestic life. His works sometimes use compound perspectives and polygonal forms—particularly with large, irregularly shaped canvasses.” from Wikipedia

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