• Playing With Perspective, Like David Hockney

Playing With Perspective, Like David Hockney

Above: ‘Beverly Hills Housewife’ by David Hockney

Like many who attend art educational routes, we all eventually learn or address the technique of perspective, whether it is with buildings or the human form. Achieving perspective ‘successfully’ allows the artist to depict what we see, a 3D world in a 2D format. This is something I have mixed success in achieving. Buildings, cars or roads hold no fascination for me; however, landscapes and the human form do. I find it odd and frustrating that I cannot sucessfully draw a lifelike depiction of a row of shops. It frustrates me and so I do not draw such subject matter and take my hat off to those who do. Saying this, it must be said that perspective is important in my speciality of landscapes and here is where my playful side as an artist shows through.

The artwork above is titled ‘Wash’ reflects the way I explore and flip perspective. The painting ‘Wash’ has a simple colour palette with a parallelogram section in the middle-left of the painting in a light yellow wash with a black outline. This section is all one colour which flattens the painting into a mixture of 2D and 3D artwork.
The living artist who I draw confidence and inspiration from is David Hockney. His work, in both painting and photography, play with and explores perspective.

The artwork above is from his exhibition ‘David Hockney: Painting and Photography’ at ‘Annely Juda Fine Art’ in 15th May – 27th June 2015. In The Guardian newspaper article states:

The works are an exploration of Hockney’s lifelong interest in perspective and the issues and problems around representing a 3D world on a flat surface. They feature group portraits and experimental works he [Hockney] describes as “3D photographs without the glasses”.

I feel like David Hockney is a kindred spirit of sorts as I love to play with perspective, flipping the background with the foreground or flattening sections. I have always understood the technique and know how perspective is achieved; however, I want to paint instinctively and subconsciously. This wish is something I am embracing for my 2016- 2017 mixed media paintings from my  ‘Landscape Moods Collection’.

The second painting shown above is titled ‘Awash’ and is an excellent example of my expression of the moment. This painting was quickly painted in a non technical manner, which means the painting to be fluid and, again, play with perspective.

The final example of my work is the piece above titled ‘Walk’. This painting was 2nd place in the People Choice Signature Art Prize in 2013. The top section creates the feeling of distance due to the size and angle of the trees. As your eye is drawn down the painting the central area or middle ground has a flattened area, once again playing with perspective. This area contains a line of watercolour swirls, which brings through the white background and, once again, flips perspective. The foreground is left devoid of bright colours allowing the middle ground the be the focus of the painting, which directly conflicts with how perspective is taught and used.

To see the article quoted above please visit the following link:

The Guardian – David Hockney Painting Perspective Exhibition


All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright artist Laura H Elliott BA (Hons)

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