• A Fresh New Step In My Texture & Abstraction Journey

A Fresh New Step In My Texture & Abstraction Journey Recently I have been drawn to paint abstract expressionist inspired pieces, which is a method I explored during my Art and Design diploma in 2002/2003. I feel that by not pre-planning or focusing on a design it, therefore, allows myself to paint whatever pops into... Continue Reading →


• Putting Punk With My Pink Panther

Putting Punk With My Pink Panther I have been moving towards abstraction and colour in my Landscape Moods 2016 Collection. It was while I have been working on my mixed media paintings for Flux Exhibition that I felt drawn to work with other, brighter colours, along side the metallic, earthy colours. I drew inspiration and... Continue Reading →

• ‘Landscape Moods Collection’ Painting Catalogue Highlights 2003-2015

'Landscape Moods Collection' Painting Catalogue  Highlights 2003-2016 Shown below are a selection of highlights of my mixed media paintings which are no longer in my collection or stock. Many of these artworks have been influenced by my art, created since 1994 onward. See my work at my website: https://laurahelliott.wordpress.com   Above: Revised 'Tones IV' All artworks... Continue Reading →

• Introducing the 2016 Landscape Gems Collection by Laura H Elliott

Shown below are pieces from the 2016 'Landscape Gems Collection' designs.  Each piece is available to be commissioned or purchased through my representatives Degree Art, Fenster Art, Flux Gallery and Culture Label. Every design contain an ethically sourced selection of genuine gemstone set in hand-made metal clay designs. See my work at: https://www.degreeart.com/artists/laura-h-elliott   All... Continue Reading →

• ​Exhibition Focus: ‘Flux 3’ 2nd-6th November 2016 at The Old Truman Brewery 

Exhibition Focus: 'Flux 3' 2nd-6th November 2016 at The Old Truman Brewery, London I wanted to share a preview of my paintings that will be exclusively shown at 2nd-6th November 2016 - Flux exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery, London. Each of these paintings have been created in sequence and will be exhibited as a... Continue Reading →

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