• ‘Landscape Moods Collection’ Painting Catalogue Highlights 2003-2015


‘Landscape Moods Collection’ Painting Catalogue 

Highlights 2003-2016

Shown below are a selection of highlights of my mixed media paintings which are no longer in my collection or stock. Many of these artworks have been influenced by my art, created since 1994 onward.

See my work at my website:


Above: ‘Shedding Punk’d Viper’

Above: ‘Dodge Punk’d Viper’

Above: ‘Pink Punk’d Panther
Above: ‘Flaming Punk’d Mustang’
Above: ‘Blue Popping Candy’
Above: ‘Torn’
Above: ‘Stripped’ exhibited at and in the collection of the ‘Heageumgang Theme Museum’ (Exhibition Hall, Art Gallery 1 and 2), Geoje, South-Korea: 17th August – 18th September 2015
Above: ‘Counterpoint Study’
Above: ‘ Dawn’
Above: ‘ Tones II’
Above: ‘ Fire in the Sky’
Above: ‘Fire Storm’
Above: ‘Walk’
Above: ‘ Skyscape’
Above: ‘Dusk’
Above: ‘Pink Lace’
Above: ‘Constant Companion’
Above: ‘Awash’
Above: ‘Labyrinth’
Above: ‘Angry Skies’
Above: ‘Wash’
Above: ‘Tribal Lands’
Above: ‘Risen’
Above: ‘Mirage’
Above: ‘Tones III’
Above: ‘Rising Sun’

Above: ‘ Rising Sun’

Above: ‘Blue Sky Study’
Above: ‘Stargazing’

Above: Revised ‘Tones IV’

Above: ‘Change’
Above: ‘Star Gazing Study’
Above: ‘Dawn of the Day’
Above: ‘Carribian’
Above: ‘Heatwave’
Above: ‘Golden Sun’
Above: ‘Rolling’
Above: ‘St. Ives’
Above: ‘Blazing Glory’
Above: ‘City’
Above: ‘Rose Study’
Above: ‘Seaview’
Above: ‘Ocean I, II, III and IV’

All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright by artist Laura H Elliott BA (Hons), Dip.

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