• A Fresh New Step In My Texture & Abstraction Journey

A Fresh New Step In My Texture & Abstraction Journey

Recently I have been drawn to paint abstract expressionist inspired pieces, which is a method I explored during my Art and Design diploma in 2002/2003. I feel that by not pre-planning or focusing on a design it, therefore, allows myself to paint whatever pops into my mind . A freedom of expression that I find very therapeutic. I have always loved the abstract expressionism movement within arts and this is where I find myself drawn to once again.

Below are a selection of artworks I have recently created:

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It was in September 2016 that I was confirmed that I had been accepted to exhibit at the third Flux exhibition at The Old Truman Brewery, London on 2nd-6th November 2016; therefore, I felt that I should integrate my new painting direction.

Flux 2nd-6th November 2016 at The Old Truman Brewery 

I will be creating for Flux exhibition both paintings and metal clay sculptures, influenced by texture and wave formations. The first painting I created was an unplanned piece, using both matt, gloss and metallic paint along side textural natural sand. This piece has been titled ‘Counterpoint’:

Above: 'Counterpoint' by © Laura H Elliott BA (Hons)
Above: ‘Counterpoint’ by © Laura H Elliott BA (Hons)

The title includes two opposing or contrasting elements; with the influence of texture from wood (the earth) and the formation or designs seen in waves (water). The paint was applied using a palette knife, allowing a natural or unplanned mixing of the different mediums. In addition, I have been using acrylic paints by: Daler Rowney 3D or heavy body and Pebeo high viscosity acrylic paint. Each have their virtues; however, the Pebeo has a rich and smooth texture and has a beautiful high colour pigmentation.

I have been testing textural mediums (natural sand, glass beads, opaque flakes) and 3D/ high viscosity paint. In addition, I have been developing my techniques in applying metal leaf in artworks, including gilding flakes, which I have added as a final layer. The last medium I added was a new product to my work called gilding foil, allowing a hint of shine at different angels which adheres in a random manner to textural surfaces. This foil really shines at different angels and even in low lighting, adding a somewhat unexpected effect to the final piece.

 While I created the larger piece above, I tested out the mediums on smaller canvases, which differs from the main painting. These studies are shown below:

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The metal clay piece below will be my central metal clay sculpture at Flux exhibition:

'A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine' by Laura H Elliott BA (Hons)
‘A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine’ by Laura H Elliott BA (Hons)

See my blog about my latest Punk Inspired paintings since I created the primary painting ‘Counterpoint’ (2016) for Flux exhibition at:


Above: Purple Punk’d Velvet by © Laura H Elliott BA (Hons)

All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright by artist Laura H Elliott BA (Hons), Dip.

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