• ​Artworks Focus: About the ‘Landscape Moods Painting Collection’

Why did you give this collection the title of ‘landscape moods’?

The title of this collection took me some time to consider, debate and decide upon. The title needed to be self-explanitory, clear and short. I never wanted the title to be an essay, just two words and I chose the two words that epitomises my mixed media painting collection: ‘landscape‘ and ‘moods‘.

The title can be broken down into two concepts. The first was the subject matter, which is ‘landscapes’, and the second is the motivation or inspiration of my work, which is the word ‘moods’. My work is filled with complex meanings; however, I wanted to express who I am, my core personality.

Me aged 18 at my first exhibition in 1995

Through my life I have been a very emotionally open or expressive person through my actions, something that I have come to realise over the passage of time.  It is just who I am…how I am made and I channel all that into my art.

I realise that everyone processes life differently and expresses themselves in a vastly different manner. I have come to accept who I am and how I express myself, even though it can be a mixture of loud, noisy and expressive. So, I felt that using ‘moods’ is the perfect word for the title of the collection.

Freedom of my self expression is of paramount importance to me and I have significantly created art to express my inner self since being a teenager. I find it very cathartic and this is why I adore every aspect of creativity. The moment of my first painting sale and my first commission (shown below) inspired by sold paintings was an immense buzz, as it showed to me how others enjoyed my work and that has propelled me forward and continue the collection to this day.

Above: Commission (2006)

Influenced by my experiences from countries I have visited around the world, my mental images and natural forms. I have explored bright and subdued colours, abstraction and simple brush strokes to connote form to the viewer. Texture and colour is achieved by using sand, glass, gold leaf, gilding flakes, genuine gemstone granules and many other mediums.

What is your painting style?

I personally would call my style as expressive, free, cathartic and adaptable.

Where did the ‘Landscape Moods’ Collection start?

Above: ‘Torn’
Above: ‘Joy’

It was during 2002 that I created two mixed media abstract expressionist paintings ‘Landscape Moods 1: Torn’ and ‘Landscape Moods 2: Joy’ (shown above) during studying my Art and Design Access Diploma.

The two fold, open brief we where given was to create a landscape painting inspired by the movement abstract expressionism.

In order to work from original pictures as a source of inspiration, I visited a beautiful place locally to me to take photographs in Virginia Water, Berkshire. The two paintings shown above started my creative process, from which I developed my signature style which has developed since 2002.

Above: ‘Wash’ SOLD

My first two paintings where simply painted and very abstract, with my long term artistic muse Pablo Picasso in the fore front of my mind. I used acrylic paint and anything that came to hand, including: newspaper, cloth and string.
This series developed as my painting techniques began to include new mediums. Over time I purchased new mediums and my journey bagan.

Above: ‘Heat Wave’ sold with London Art

I have explored bright and subdued colours, abstraction and simple brush strokes to connote form to the viewer. Texture, depth and colour are achieved by using a wide range of media from acrylic paint to conté pastels to newspaper and genuine gemstone powders and granules.

How has your work developed since 2002?

I have a passion for abstraction and, since September 2016, my work is focusing on abstraction (see example below). My work mixes abstract expressionist styles and whimsical memories within the subject matter of British Landscapes.

Above: SOLD – ‘Pink Punk’d Panther’

Where do I see the collection progressing in the future?

I hope to develop my techniques in greater depth, within acrylic paint and abstraction. This medium allows me the freedom to paint like I am using watercolours and paint like I am using oil paints. I feel this also means every painting is truly unique, even when I create commissions. I adore this aspect of my work and acrylic paint, it is like a game of chance.

See my latest work of paintings below from 2016 onward:

Above: ‘Dodge Punk’d Viper’
Above: ‘Purple Punk’d Velvet’
Above: ‘Shedding Punk’d Viper’

All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright by artist Laura H Elliott BA (Hons), Dip.

View my professional gallery of works at: http://www.lhe-art.co.uk

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/laurahelliottart

Twitter @laurahelliott

Pintrest https://www.pinterest.com/lauraelliottart/

Linked In https://uk.linkedin.com/pub/laura-elliott-ba-hons/6b/959/533

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