• ​Art Inspiration: IS ‘Navy the New Black’?

IS 'Navy the New Black'? It was during my studies of my 'Art and Design Access Diploma' that my thoughts of black where challenged. It may sound a bit crazy, but I was taught that, technically, black and white are tones, not colours.  By using red, yellow and blue pigments you can create every colour... Continue Reading →


• ‘Shedding Neon’ brings a new wave of drama to the ‘Landscape Moods Collection’

Above: 'Shedding Punk'd Viper' and 'Dodge Punk'd Viper' “Laura Elliott’s 'Landscape Moods Collection' mixed media paintings reflect her desire to be constantly challenging and developing her work, which is taking a colourful leap forward in 2017. Her new body of mixed media paintings will explore surface textures and patterns, outline shapes and softer lines by... Continue Reading →

• Artwork Focus: The Duality & Contradictions of Femininity & Masculinity In Art?

The Duality & Contradictions of Femininity & Masculinity In Art? It was when I was selecting my work for inclusion of the exhibition at The Link Gallery, Winchester for 'International Women's Day' 7th-28th March 2017 that made me sit back and think about gender identity in my work. I feel that colours in everyday products... Continue Reading →

• Exhibition Focus: ‘Picasso: The Artist and His Models’ at the Albright-Knox Gallery

5th November 2016 – 19th February 2017 This exhibition is a fascinating focus on both Picasso and his models/ sitters. He has been my artist who fires my life-time of work. I find it refreshing how the exhibition highlights the sitters. I have always believed that the life models add a unique influence of the... Continue Reading →

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