• Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New Over time, every artist has stock and it can be frustrating that paintings can sit and take up valuable space. We all know artists always have alot of canvases, clay, tools, brushes and I count myself as one of them!I was reviewing my work, from past and... Continue Reading →


• Review: Suffragettes & Art

Review: Suffragettes & Art The Guardian published an article that artist Gillian Wearing will be first woman to create a statue for the public space, with her monument to Millicent Fawcett at Trafalgar Square, London. The reason for my personal excitment is that it is that it will be a female figure, but also a... Continue Reading →

• The ‘Landscape Gems Collection’ Before & After (2014-2017)

All Below are before (during creating and before firing) and after (after being fired with gemstones and finished) Dated: January 2014 - December 2016 'Red Fire' 'Happiness' 'Acorn' 'Wave' 'Glowing Sun' 'Sunset' 'Urban' 'Crescent' 'Green Sapphire' 'Ruby' All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright by Laura H Elliott BA (Hons), Dip. Buy my work online @ http://www.lhe-art.co.uk... Continue Reading →

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