• My Guide: Metal Clay Supportive Medium Ideas

My Guide: Metal Clay Supportive Medium Ideas

Supportive medium is a very useful tool for metal clay which is a hollow form or requires supporting during firing.

Option 1) Wood Clay (Pre-mixed)


“Wood Clay is a replacement for the previously used Cork Clay. As a comparison, the Wood Clay particle is much smaller and smoother feeling than Cork Clay. You can use Wood Clay as a framework for hollow forms. Dry thoroughly. Wood Clay burns away during firing.

Complete drying : Approx. 3 days in a room

Key Guidelines:

1) When used with Art Clay Wood Clay must be kiln fired!

2) It makes smoke during firing. Always work in a well ventilated area.

3) As a core for Art Clay hollow piece made with Syringe or Clay layer, either of following 3 options (A,B,C) can be chosen.

Firing instructions:

A) Fire them from room temperature kiln, and 800 Deg.C for 5 mins.

B) Fire them in 800 Dec.C kiln for 5 mins

C) Set kiln at 900 Dec.C, open the kiln door to put work inside of the kiln. Set kiln temperature 800 Deg.C for holding 5 mins.

Option 2) Art Mache (Need to Mix With Water):


About: “Artstraws Art Mache is instant paper mache – just mix with water to produce a highly versatile modelling medium. Use to cover shapes made from screwed-up newspaper, cardboard boxes or balloons, for a smooth, even surface.”

Option 3) Prometheus® WoodClay Powder


About: “The Prometheus® WoodClay Powder is a special formula which burns clean and leaves very little residue. Mix desired quantity of powder with water in a small dish, using a tea-spoon. Once you reach the clay consistency, form your shape, leave it to dry for 24 hours than cover with any metal clay and fire it (do not forget to leave a small hole uncovered with metal clay to allow the WoodClay to burn out before firing)”

Option 4) Wet Toilet Tissue or Newspaper

Though not tested, you could soak wet either toilet roll or newspaper, create a shape and leave to dry. The tissue paper could offer a smoother surface to its texture, so could avoid add unwanted texture.

All comments or products should be used with caution, in a safe and well ventilated area and experts should be consulted for health and safety guidance. Please consult manufacturers for safety guidance about any products used. Please see the links above.

All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright artist Laura H Elliott BA (Hons)

Laura Elliott represented by Degree Art Gallery: http://www.degreeart.com/artists/laura-elliott

‘Laura Elliott BA Hons – Artist & Metal Clay Designer’ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laurahelliottart

The Palette Pages Artist Interview Laura Elliott: http://www.thepalettepages.com/2016/03/28/lauraelliott/

Laura Elliott Art Website & Blog: https://laurahelliott.wordpress.com/

View my Professional Profile at Linked In: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/laura-elliott/6b/959/533

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