• Artwork Focus: Try, Try and Try Again! My Shadow Box Design Journey

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Try, Try and Try Again! My Shadow Box Design Journey

It was back in 2015 when I saw my first metal clay shadow box designs. I thought they not only looked beautiful, but they presented a technical challenge to my clay skill-set. I then embarked on a slow exploration of how I might create my own metal clay shadow boxes.

The first attempt in Copper metal clay by the company Prometheus (as shown below) was unsuccessful attempt. The way I built this design was a success; however, it was when I kiln fired this piece that it was damaged, due to a major fault in my 1st kilns poor temperature control.

Above: My first failed shadow box design

Above: My 1st shadow box, which was my unsuccessful attempt

I then re-attempted this idea in 2 different designs, but chose to try it in Fine 999 Silver (made by the company Art Clay) a medium I trusted and still trust to this day. The second and third pieces where, I am pleased to say, successful and are shown below. Saying this, I still wanted to repeat the original design in Copper metal clay (made by the company Prometheus):

Above: My 2nd shadow box titled ‘Tanzanite Foothills

Above: My 3rd shadow box titled ‘Swirl

Despite the above success, I loved my first attempt at a shadow box, with the beautiful inherent effects Copper metal clay brings with it.

Above: My 3rd shadow box titled ‘Forever Grateful

This design was inspired by the sacrifice of our service men and women, home or abroad during the wars, past or present. I include my own family, who I am endlessly proud of, who served Great Britain in conflicts including World War 1 and World War 2.

The image that has always stuck in my mind is the red poppy fields in France, a visual image that represents the sacrifice selflessly given for our freedom. This piece is my tribute, which I have titled ‘Forever Grateful’, and features Red Garnets and Tigers Eye to represent the poppy fields.

The piece below was created at the same time as the piece above ‘Forever Grateful‘:

Above: My 4th shadow box, titled 'Swirl'

Above: My 4th shadow box, titled ‘Coast’

Metal Clay Shadow Box Re-sources:

  1. Metal Clay Masterclass With Patrik Kusek – Learn In Person:http://www.mcsj.co.uk/masterclasses/patrik-kusek/metal-clay-shadow-boxes-masterclass.html
  2. Metal Clay Dress Pendant and Shadow Box Vignette – Online Course:https://www.craftcast.com/recordings/metal-clay-dress-pendant-and-shadow-box-vignette

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