• My Guide: Using 925 Sterling Silver As A Base Instead Of Fine Silver Metal Clay

My Guide: Using 925 Sterling Silver As A Base Instead Of Fine Silver Metal Clay

I think I am not the only person who always tries new ideas and ways to include an affordable, yet luxurious alternative to fine or pure silver metal clay. After all, Fine 999 Silver metal clay is expensive. I had a stock of some 925 Sterling Silver connector/ blanks and thought they’d be a new idea.

The piece features a 925 Sterling Silver blank as the base for this pendant, which I decorated with Fine 999 Silver, a swirl of hammered 925 Sterling Silver wire and Paua Shell cabochon.

After it was fired I noticed that it had a great deal of dark fire scale, which took a lot of scrubbing and cleaning.

After sanding, firing, buffing, polishing, waxing and mounting the Abalone Shell cabochon:

I think that I would use this idea in the future, but I will plan the type of background material I use to ensure the following key points:

  1. The final product will be of the best quality
  2. It will shine and the final look has no tarnish/ fire scale remaining
  3. That I consider *how* to ensure that the metal clay added sinters or attaches correctly to the base and looks of a high standard

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