• Art = Solice = Disability = Art = Freedom

Disability is unique to everyone. This is no more so than with me. I have always been hesitant to speak about my disability, the reasons for this is complex and hard to explain. I hope to start a dialogue in this blog and to open this part of my life to move forward. I do... Continue Reading →


• My Guide: Integrating Wire With Silver Clay

My Guide: Integrating Wire With Silver Clay This is one of a series of blogs explaining little tips I have discovered through working and experimenting in metal clay. It has been a years of testing to get to know a few ways round what could be referred to as 'beginner', 'simple' or 'starter' techniques, with... Continue Reading →

• My First Painting Commission of the ‘Landscape Moods Collection’

My First Painting Commission of the Landscape Moods Collection: 'Tribal Grounds', New York Above: 'Tribal Grounds' Commission My first commission was inspired by the 1st piece in the 'Landscape Moods Collection' titled 'Torn' (shown below): Above: 'Landscape Moods 1: Torn' by © Laura H Elliott My collector saw the first painting and adored the composition... Continue Reading →

• Creative Coverage: A New Page In 2018 Has Turned

Creative Coverage: A New Page In 2018 Has Turned I am delighted to be represented by artist agency, 'Creative Coverage'. I am looking forward to 2018 onwards with Creative Coverage along-side. See my dedicated page at: http://www.creativecoverage.co.uk/artists-page/item/864-laura-elliott About Creative Coverage: "Creative Coverage members are selected on merit. We handle all aspects of marketing for them... Continue Reading →

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