• Artwork Focus: ‘The House Of Many Sides’

This is one of my first sculptural pieces back in 1991 when I was 15, from my one of school day Art and Design exam pieces. It combines the two mediums I adore to this day: clay and paint. I had discovered clay aged 11 in art classes in school, but I only found acrylic paint (to be specific) when it was time to decorate this house. This piece was created after a huge artist block. I came up with this design after a trip to Switzerland.

During my time in Switzerland, I saw such an array of beautiful buildings, colours and features. Each and every home had a unique combination of colours and carving. I thought originally about creating many smaller versions of each house in clay; however, my block meant I lacked the time needed to achieve such a goal. I decided to go all out and create a big house with every design I loved the most featured on each side. I felt that the house should have internal features and I crafted a staircase and a small second floor. The addition of the internal details mean that you are curious and draws you in.

The next feature missing was a roof and I constructed it out of two slabs of earthenware clay. The houses I drew inspiration from all had different roof tiles, so I picked my two favourites. I carved each tile out of the solid slab of clay. They are not uniform, technically I know they are not perfect, but they have a mixture of two glazes and they complete the house. They have one problem, simply put, it is that they hide the house when put on and this ruins the effect of the house. So, they sit next to the house, a feature in themselves.

As an adult I see many faults in the house, but this is not the houses appeal. It is a window into how an artist manipulates what they see. I saw dozens of houses and I absorbed the designs, changed them in my mind and voila…my take on the houses I saw in Switzerland.

Here are a number of pictures for you to get a ‘virtual tour’ of my house:

All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright by artist Laura H Elliott BA (Hons), Dip.

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