• The People’s Guide: Do galleries have their own personalities?

Question 2:

Do galleries have their own personalities?

“This is the second in my a series of art blogs titled “The Peoples Guide”, of which this will focus on: Do galleries have their own personalities?

I know that these are often subjective opinions/ experience, but I wanted to share some of my experience and knowledge. My wish for these art blogs is to offer a teaching tool and offer a starting point of sorts. I hope they are interesting, make us think and that you enjoy them!”

Do galleries have their own personalities?

• Well it’s important to view the whole relationship. An artist wants to make what ever they want all the time and z gallery wants consistency and reliability. They would rather their trouble shooting efforts be left to clients.

• As much as possible they want some sort of consistency that they can turn into a product they can count on. It is a business after all.

• This is helpful for an artist to understand when they want to be marketable. At all levels as an artist it’s more marketable to have a noticeably distinct voice in your work, produce inventory regularly, meet the expectations of your agreements consistently. At middle and lower levels it is helpful to have a range of work as far as price point. You should have some work, probably your central or favorite pieces, that are a bit of a spectacle; probably even out of the price range of your audience. And then another tier of work that your audience can afford but it might be a special occasion. And then you can tier down as far as your work dictates. Some people continue to have price points down to the inexpensive, the thinking being that you shouldn’t exclude people, and anyone who wants to spend money should be given the opportunity to take home a piece of the show even if it’s not the work they truly wanted. Another way of thinking is that you should avoid making your work to accessible to drive up its value. Keeping these things in mind can make an artist far more attractive to galleries.

• Absolutely

• No. A room with paintings is a room with paintings.

• Yes, of course. A decent gallery will. But most don’t know what they’re doing. Just like any business.

• In my experience a gallery is an extension of the owner….

My ideas and experience:

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