• OKK Arts, My Home For My Drawings

OKK Arts, My Home For My Drawings

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It was last year, sitting in the shade enjoying the 2018 UK warm summer, I started to explore ideas through drawing. It started as doodles to explore ideas for my painting, but it took its own turn and I really began to enjoy the process of re-discovering drawing. This collection of drawings explored Conte pastels, graphite and ink grew and I realised that they needed a home. It was in September 2018, when I came across OKK Arts and stared to speak with the owner Jannika Okk and I found a home for them. I am so pleased to be with OKK Arts and I look forward to the opportunity to short term rent/ exhibit and/ or sell my artworks.


The collection of drawings available with OKK Arts are shown below with a detail of each piece:

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About OKK Arts:

“Okk Arts was established by cultural producer and art projects manager Jaanika Okk. Jaanika embarked on her creative career over ten years ago as a freelance artist focusing on traditional and digital printmaking. In 2008, she began managing art events and creative projects for other artists. Since then, she has organised over 20 different projects. These range from her own solo shows to large-scale international festivals involving over 50 visual artists from 35 different countries. Added to this, Jaanika has extensive professional experience in photography, graphic, and layout design, as well as auctioneering from an established auction house in the Midlands.”

Source: https://okk-arts.com/about/

All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright by Laura H Elliott BA (Hons), Dip.

Buy my work online @ http://www.lhe-art.co.uk

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