About Laura H Elliott BA (Hons) 

Contemporary Artist & Curator

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  • Art and Media BA (Hons) – University of the Creative Arts, Farnham (2008)
  • Art and Design Access Diploma (2003)
  • Art and Design and History A Level (1995)

Professional References:


“Laura H Elliott’s ‘Landscape Moods’ paintings and ‘Landscape Gems’ metal clay design collections have taken a fresh, new leap forward by further exploring abstraction, colour and texture. These new artworks reflect her desire to be constantly evolving in order to progress her work.

These collections will draw inspiration from a number of sources, including patterns, shapes and colours found within the four different elements: earth, water, wind and fire. As with all her work, emotions and mood at the time of creation, maintain a fluidity of ideas and a freedom of exploration. Bright colours and florescent neon paints will express energy and vibrancy. This new work represents the metaphor of starting anew or fresh, as we move into 2017.”

Full Artist Statement:

“I am a contemporary, multi-media artist who is passionate about mixed-media painting and creating sculptural metal clay designs with genuine gemstones.

I have exhibited my art within the UK since 1995, in group shows, showing both paintings and sculpture. It was in 2002 that I began studying for an Art and Design Access Diploma, taking a step towards becoming a professional artist, further developing my knowledge in the arts. The final piece of my professional puzzle was achieved when I gained my Art and Media Bachelor with Honors in 2008 at The University of the Creative Arts Farnham, specialising in Fine Art and Photography. My paintings and metal clay designs are displayed in private collections worldwide and have been exhibited within exciting group and solo exhibitions, memberships and galleries.

A new and exciting step in my career was taken in 2013, when I achieved gallery representation with DegreeArt.com Ltd, based in 12a Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, London, UK. Degree Art Gallery nurtures and supports my work, allowing me to sell original mixed media paintings and metal clay jewellery and sculptures along with offering personalised commissions. Being represented by Degree Art is an exciting step for my career, enabling my work to be viewed by a new audience and group of collectors.

Click Here To Read my Degree Art Gallery Artist Interview at:

https://degreeart.com/blog/meet-artist-laura-h-elliott-energetic-art-featuring-emotional-content See my work with Degree Art Gallery: http://www.degreeart.com/artists/laura-h-elliott

Since I was in my teens one of my wishes or goals has been to exhibit at the Royal College of Art (RCA). In September 2015, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to exhibit my metal clay designs in Flux exhibition at the Royal College of Arts 10th – 14th December. I was so proud and excited to additionally be given the opportunity to showcase a new clock design in Copper metal clay featuring the stunning gemstone Labradorite. It was my goal to design a unique clock for the exhibition at the RCA and this piece was titled ‘A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine’. Since the exhibition, Lisa Gray has written an artist interview in the Palette Pages and I am proud to be a represented by Flux Gallery. Since then my work as an artist has taken off. My work is for sale with Flux Gallery at:

See my interview by clicking the image below:

Laura Elliott Artist Interview ~ The Palette Pages

My Artist Journey:

I am the same in the arts as I am with life and learning, inquisitive and driven. Whilst studying for a diploma in Art and Design during 2002/03 I created two mixed media abstract expressionist paintings: ‘Landscape Moods 1: Torn’ and ‘Landscape Moods 2: Joy’. These two paintings started a creative process and I started painting them in series, which I titled as the ‘Landscape Moods Collection’. These mixed media paintings are not just inspired by landscapes I have seen but are additionally driven by my emotions, hence the use of the word ‘Moods’. I have explored bright and subdued colours, abstraction and simple brush strokes to connote form to the viewer. Texture, depth and colour are achieved by using a wide range of media from acrylic paint to Conté pastels to newspaper and genuine gemstone powders and granules. I exhibited and sold my ‘Landscape Moods Collection’ in group and solo exhibitions around the world and I have not looked back since then.

It was in 2009 that I have began to explore the idea that my series of ‘Moods’ paintings could be additionally produced in concert with my enduring passion of clay. This medium draws on my experience in ‘traditional’ ceramics, yet has a transformation when fired into metal work. I used my series of ‘Landscape Moods’ paintings as inspiration for designs and my technique of building up my paintings in the way I created each piece, layer upon layer. My metal clay designs are additionally inspired by my life-long love of sparkle and I include genuine gemstones in both faceted and bead form with my metal clay designs. I have called this series of jewellery the ‘Landscape Gems ‘ series. Each and every piece is sculptural and unique, having been created from a combination of mediums such as: fine 999 silver/ copper/ bronze metal clay, high quality 100% genuine faceted and granule gemstones and recycled elements such as watch parts. I personally source all the gemstones I use from ethical sources, which include: Diamonds (faceted and rough), Ruby, Garnet, Emerald (including Colombian) and my personal favourite gemstone, Paraiba Tourmaline from Mozambique.

Additional mediums include: gemstone granules, wire, gleams, mica powder, solid silver, enamel and watch or clock movements. This series has been propelled since the end of 2015, to include earthenware clay along side metal clay. This exciting new boost of energy came from the new ‘Landscape Gems’ work exhibited at The Royal College of Art with Flux exhibition in December 2015.

Both mediums explore colour and form and I feel that one informs the other. I have always had the desire to explore new techniques and mediums I come across, which is why my work has and always will be progressing.”

Memberships & Societies:


Wokingham Art Society

Wokingham Art Society Member



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