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About Laura H Elliott: Art Curator

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Curatorial Experience:
“My curatorial experience was primarily taught from my own exhibitions as an artist, from 1995 till present day. However, that experience was invaluable as I began a very exciting chapter in my life with a business plan that started by organising art exhibitions in the UK, which I began to develop in 2006. It was in 2007 that I launched the group called the:

‘International Association of Two and Three Dimensional Artists’ (IATTDA)

Why did you set-up the IATTDA?

My motivation behind setting up the IATTDA came from the frustration I felt when an exhibition I planned to exhibit in was cancelled. The cancellation meant that the money I paid was never refunded, along with many other artists. Through this experience I connected with many artists and I had an idea.

My idea for the IATTDA was to offer genuine opportunities for artists for emerging to professional alike. I knew I had the appropriate skill-set and my professionalism and integrity would create a trust worthy exhibition program. Which is exactly what I achieved.

What was the IATTDA?

The IATTDA offered genuine, free or affordable exhibitions for the wonderful artists in both the UK and overseas. Over time, the membership grew and I began to expand the locations of exhibitions to include Europe and USA, including an exhibition on the stunning Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, USA.

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What was your role as director & curator of the IATTDA?

I personally curated every IATTDA exhibition, which included: direct email support for artists 6 days a week, marketing and promotional materials, organizing each private view, putting up and taking down the exhibitions, liaising with galleries and handling sales of members work.
I put 12+ hour days into building my business, began working with web designers to create an online gallery and begin the next phases of my company TTD-ART.

Why is the IATTDA no longer active?

It all came to a halt in 2009, when my Rheumatoid Arthritis became severely active and became disabled, something I have spoken about in my blog.

So, I tied up every loose end, ensured that every member was happy and I wound down my business. I took some time, found my new normal and returned to focus on my own work as an artist, using my art as a focus and therapy.

What does the future hold for the IATTDA?

I am still proud of all I achieved and am still connected with dozens of national and international members to this day both on a professional and personal level.

The ‘International Association of Two and Three Dimensional Artists’ (IATTDA) has a Facebook page, where I share members work and any art opportunities I come across in my own time.”

Follow the link below to the IATTDA Facebook page:

See my references at: Professional References: Artist & Curator

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Current Projects:


‘Global Reactive Art Exhibition’

“I am honored to be a part of the ‘Global Reactive Art Exhibition’ to be held throughout May 2017 at the Mardleybury Gallery curated by owner Marilyn Comparetto and our long-term colleague and friend Paulo Duarte Filipe.”


ART @ MG – Mardleybury Gallery,

Unit 3C, Mardleybury Road, Datchworth, Hertfordshire, SG3 6SG, UK


About the exhibition:

“Global Reactive is an art exhibition in response to the nuclear disaster triggered by an earthquake and the following tsunami. The author Taro Aizu wrote Gyoshi poetry in response to this disaster. Taro Aizu’s poetry is the inspiration for a series of international exhibitions. The inspiration of his poetry is used as a starting point, where the artists then create an artwork for each exhibition. The UK chapter is starting at the stunning Mardleybury Gallery, owned by artist Marilyn Comparetto.”

See more about the Global Reactive Art Exhibition at:!/globalreactive1/

A brief summary of the Japanese Fukushima disaster:

“The Great East Earthquake occurred on March 11th 2011, recorded magnitude 9.0, has given tremendous damage to the northern part of Japan, especially in the prefectures of Fukushima, Miyagi and Iwate. The earthquake and tsunami triggered the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl.”

Read more at this page:

Art Competition Judge:

‘The Stone Prize Award’ 2017

I am delighted to have been chosen to be a judge for the Stone Prize Award is an exciting art competition offering applicants the chance to win a range of exposure at the Mardleybury Gallery.

To apply and find out more information at:


ART @ MG – Mardleybury Gallery, Unit 3C, Mardleybury Road, Datchworth, Hertfordshire, SG3 6SG, UK


My Experience Story As An Artist:

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