• Artwork Focus: Art In The Heart Marketplace feat Landscape Gems Collection

Artwork Focus: Art In The Heart Marketplace featuring 'Landscape Gems Collection' You can buy the perfect gift, commissioned directly with me via my Art In The Heart Marketplace Do you need a one of a kind gift? A gift to treasure for your family? Would you like to chose your favourite genuine gemstone? Do you... Continue Reading →


• Commission Your Own ‘Landscape Gems Collection’ Design

Commission a 'Landscape Gems Collection' design of your own with Laura H Elliott BA (Hons) What Does A Commission Offer and How Are They Presented?Every 'Landscape Gems' design created by Laura H Elliott is like a presentation and not just a design. I have been selling my work since 2006 and every design is of... Continue Reading →

• Commission a painting by Laura H Elliott from the ‘Landscape Moods Collection’

Commissions Are Always Welcomed I am always delighted to create commissions, as I see each piece as a collaboration, which creates a personalised and truly unique final painting. How do I place a commission order? I am represented by a highly experienced gallery, called Degree Art, London, UK My gallery link is below:https://degreeart.com/artists/laura-h-elliott Their team... Continue Reading →

• Introducing the ‘Landscape Gems Collection’ 2017

Shown below are pieces from the latest 2017 'Landscape Gems Collection' designs. Each piece is available to be commissioned or purchased through my representatives Degree Art, Fenster Art, Flux Gallery and Culture Label. Every design contain an ethically sourced selection of genuine gemstone set in hand-made metal clay designs. See my work for sale with... Continue Reading →

• Review: Suffragettes & Art

Review: Suffragettes & Art The Guardian published an article that artist Gillian Wearing will be first woman to create a statue for the public space, with her monument to Millicent Fawcett at Trafalgar Square, London. The reason for my personal excitment is that it is that it will be a female figure, but also a... Continue Reading →

• Exhibition Focus: Global Reactive Art Exhibition 1st-27th May 2017

Global Reactive 2017 at the Mardleybury Gallery 1st - 27th May 2017 "I am delighted to announce the 'Global Reactive Art Exhibition' to be held throughout May 2017 at the Mardleybury Gallery curated by owner Marilyn Comparetto and our long-term colleague and friend Paulo Duarte Filipe." What is Global Reactive and who is the poet Taro Aizu?... Continue Reading →

• My Journey: Disability

Disability is unique to everyone and I am no exception. How does your disability effect you? I suffer from multiple conditions, the most damaging is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The pain is debilitating and restricts my life, including that it has a 'knock on effect' on everyday parts of my life; therefore, it affects my abilities... Continue Reading →

• My Love of Clouds

Clouds have been a fascination for both my Dad and I. Spending years looking at the sky at home and abroad. Looking down onto the clouds on the few times I traveled with my Dad in an plane. One moment we would see a sheep, next a dog, next a flock of sheep.... our imagination... Continue Reading →

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