• My Guide: Learning from Metal Clay Disasters

My Guide: Learning from Metal Clay Disasters Art is always a dose of luck and a large portion of experience. Nothing more was true when I set myself a goal to create a metal clay clock, with a completely different technique and design. This was my key piece of work for my exclusive collection of... Continue Reading →


• Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New Over time, every artist has stock and it can be frustrating that paintings can sit and take up valuable space. We all know artists always have alot of canvases, clay, tools, brushes and I count myself as one of them!I was reviewing my work, from past and... Continue Reading →

• My Journey: Disability

Disability is unique to everyone and I am no exception. How does your disability effect you? I suffer from multiple conditions, the most damaging is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). The pain is debilitating and restricts my life, including that it has a 'knock on effect' on everyday parts of my life; therefore, it affects my abilities... Continue Reading →

• Artwork Focus: The Duality & Contradictions of Femininity & Masculinity In Art?

The Duality & Contradictions of Femininity & Masculinity In Art? It was when I was selecting my work for inclusion of the exhibition at The Link Gallery, Winchester for 'International Women's Day' 7th-28th March 2017 that made me sit back and think about gender identity in my work. I feel that colours in everyday products... Continue Reading →

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