• My Guide: An Introduction To Metal Clay

My Guide: An Introduction To Metal Clay What is metal clay? Metal clay is an exciting art medium consisting of very small particles of metal such as silver, gold, bronze or copper which is mixed with an organic binder and water for use in making jewelry, beads and small sculptures. Originating in Japan in 1990,... Continue Reading →


Artwork Focus: Trying To Find My Artist Voice, Having My Artwork Put In The Skip & How I Was Inspired By Picasso

It is always hard to start your journey as an artist, with my journey starting in 1992. It has taken me around the world and I have exhibited at some stunning galleries, with an amazing collection of working artists and selling through my representative galleries. Saying this, you always have to start somewhere and you... Continue Reading →

• Exhibition Focus: The Link Gallery ‘International Women’s Day’ ~ 7th-28th March 2017

The Link Gallery is hosting a collaborative exhibition celebrating, inspired by and reflecting on International Women’s Day 2016. This exhibition will run 7th – 28th March 2017 and is open to the public free of charge. About my featured artworks:  Artwork One: ‘Shedding Punk’d Viper'(below) "Shedding Punk’d Viper is a play on the combination of... Continue Reading →

• How-To: Polish & Remove Tarnish

How-To: Polish & Remove Tarnish 1) Remove chain and bail 2) Remove gemstones and delicate parts within the design 3) Remove Tarnish: Here are 3 of my products I use, some tips on their uses and a few tricks I have learnt for cleaning tarnished silver and other metals: A) Renaissance Micro-crystalline Wax The Renaissance Micro-crystalline... Continue Reading →

• Review: Renaissance Wax Review

Renaissance Wax Review I have been searching for a product that can invisibly protect my designs from tarnish or patina for a couple of years. At last, I have found an amazing product called Renaissance Wax that I could recommend. My designs are created from fine 999 silver, copper and bronze metal clay along-side solid 9ct... Continue Reading →

• My Top 5 Artist Tips

My Top 5 Artist Tips: 1) Look after your brushes, as they could last decades if you do: The Masters brush cleaner, but any good quality brush cleaner is best. I advise this as using washing up liquid or soap to remove acrylic paint makes your brushes dry and brittle. In addition, you can purchase... Continue Reading →

• My Ever Changing Sky

I have had a love of clouds for as long as I remember. When I travelled with my family in the UK and abroad, my Dad and I used to see figures or features in every cloud. My Dad would say "...that cloud looks like a group of sheep" or...

• My Love of Clouds

Clouds have been a fascination for both my Dad and I. Spending years looking at the sky at home and abroad. Looking down onto the clouds on the few times I traveled with my Dad in an plane. One moment we would see a sheep, next a dog, next a flock of sheep.... our imagination... Continue Reading →

• Exhibition Focus: Gallery Fifty Five, Hartley Whitney feat ‘Landscape Gems Collection’

My 2016 'Landscape Gems Collection' was exhibited 2nd February - 5th August 2016 at: Gallery Fifty Five, High St, Hartley Whitney My work exhibited featured a mixture of Fine 999 Silver, Copper and Bronze Metal Clay. Each piece featured a beautiful array of 100% genuine gemstones including: Tanzanite, Ruby, Sapphire, Garnet, Sunstone, Labradorite, Neon Apatite,... Continue Reading →

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