• The Urban Series from the ‘Landscape Moods Collection’: A New Collection for 2019

The Urban Series from the ‘Landscape Moods Collection’: A New Collection for 2019



As we have moved into 2019, I will be exhibiting in additional galleries in London, based next to the River Thames. The city has a special energy full of hustle and bustle, green spaces dotted around it with the River Thames running through it. The UK is a special country in many ways, but something I love is that we have not completely lost green spaces, despite the endless buildings, people and vehicles, with London no exception to this. It was during my time living in London where I enjoyed each little slice of nature, which is something I have incorporated into my most recent collection, showing a bird’s eye view of each part of the city and the places I found time to relax and enjoy. The designs additionally explore colour to signify the moods of the city, with each designs title reflecting my narrative. There are five designs of focus within this collection titled ’Shield In Blue’, ‘Barnes Green’, ‘Tic Tac Toe’, ‘Urban Elegance’ and ‘Birdseye of London’. ‘Shield In Blue’ is directly inspired by my view of the Houses of Parliament, with the word shield symbolizing protection, the four points depict the architectural design and the colour blue signifies the Thames River running past it. The design ‘Barnes Green’ is named after the park directly around the corner from a gallery where my work can be found. London is not just a place to work and live, I have included a playful reflection of London in the design ‘Tic Tac Toe’, which features Neon Blue Apatite and Deep Purple Amethyst. An additional aspect of recreation includes some of the world’s best restaurants, reflected in the luxurious design ‘Urban Elegance’. This piece features a high quality 1.05 carat Pink prong set Tourmaline with a Purple Sapphire and Deep Red Ruby on each side. The larger design called ‘Birdseye of London’ is a central aerial view which can be enjoyed by the constant companions of London, pigeons. The final design of focus is a ring titled ‘Arch’ which represents the architectural arch designed buildings found in Hyde Park called Marble Arch and Wellington Arch. This piece reflects the way I think of London as I believe it is a place of importance with locations such as parliament, a pivotal place in the UK. The design ‘Arch’ features significant symbolism by representing my perception that London is one area of my country offering protection, structure and beauty.

All artworks & designs displayed are © Copyright by Laura H Elliott BA (Hons), Dip.

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